31 Oct 2020

KorMalta back on the scene

The spring lockdown in the current COVID-19 crisis wrought havoc with all that used to be taken for granted. It hit the arts scene as it did everything else.
During that period and since, as stagnation threatened to stifle artistic activities like concerts and recitals, Riccardo Bianchi, KorMalta's director sought to keep his singers busy. He sent them sheet music to study and eventually got them together in groups so that they would perform it at the opportune time. "United we stand" was how this concert was dubbed, with two performances in mid-October at the Greek Theatre in Mosta.

12 Mar 2019

GB Opera - DON GIOVANNI - Teatro di Varese

"La sorpresa positiva di questa produzione è l’apparato musicale, diretto dal giovane Maestro Riccardo Bianchi…"

16 Mar 2019


"Riccardo Bianchi é alla guida del coro Sinfonico Nazionale dell'arcipelago"

12 Mar 2019


Tutto esaurito e ovazioni al Teatro di Varese: un trionfo

l'Orchestra OSM di Varese e il coro del Liceo Musicale Manzoni di Varese sotto la guida del maestro Riccardo Bianchi hanno saputo parlare a più generazioni… questo Don Giovanni riesce a superare pregiudizi e luoghi comuni, grazie alla musica di Mozart qui letta in modo originario e filologico, Varese riscopre l'Opera lirica ricordando il suo glorioso passato del Sociale, ma guardando verso il futuro.

15 Jul 2017


 Riccardo Bianchi was chorus master and one must add that the MEUPC consists of the cream of members of various local choirs.

In all three Baltic republics, choir singing is a deeply-rooted way of life, so the combined choral forces were a guarantee of the eventually splendid delivery they gave. They were very precise, diction was very good, singing was crisp and well-phrased, and entries, even in the more difficult passages such as that ‘infernal’ fugue, were on cue. The conclusion with the choir and soloists reached different dizzy heights. 

28 May 2016

The italian newspaper La Prealpina published two articles on the world premiere "Una notte a Punta di Mezzo". The first article written by Monica Toso described the story behind  the "Symphonic Poem" composed by Andrea Gottardello and the enthusiasm of the audience during the concert conducted by Maestro Riccardo Bianchi.

The second article written by Luca Segalla focused on Riccardo Bianchi''s positive performance as Conductor of the concert.

27 May 2016

The italian online newspaper published an article on the World Premiere Concert "Una Notte a Punta di Mezzo" and its preparation with the Male Choir "Coro di Luino".

Maestro Riccardo Bianchi was quoted within the article.

27 May 2016

The Italian Newspaper "La Prealpina" published an extensive article on the world premiere of  the" Poema Sinfonico" that will be directed tonight by Maestro Riccardo Bianchi at the Basilica San Vittore in Varese. Written by Luca Segalla

21 May 2016

The Italian weekly magazine "Lombardia Oggi" dedicated a two page article on the Symphonic Poem composed by Andrea Gottardello describing his love for his city of Varese in a interview. Riccardo is featured in various pictures and within the article. Written by Luca Segalla 

19 May 2016

One of the main italian national weekly newspaper part of the well know Corriere della Sera published an article on the symphonic poem, and it's first world`s Premiere on Saturday 28 2016 in S.Vittore's Basilica (Varese). Riccardo Bianchi is featured within the article.

14 May 2016

The Italian dayly newspaper  "La Prealpina" published an article on the World Premiere Concert of "Una Notte a Punta di Mezzo". Riccardo is featured in the article. Written by Erica Besoli

06 May 2016

Corriere della Sera - A concert for celebrations of 200th anniversary of the city of Varese

The leading italian daily newspaper reported the news about the symphonic poem "Una notte a Punta di Mezzo" by Andrea Gottardello, a contemporary composer. The concert is part of the celebrations of 200th anniversary of the city of Varese.

Riccardo Bianchi will conduct both choir and orchestra during the world premiere performance of the poem. on Saturday 28 May.

05 Jun 2015

The Italian newspaper published an article on the Vivaldi concert planned on 6 June 2015 at the Sacro Monte in Varese. Riccardo Bianchi conducted the Gloria RV589 in double choir setting, involving a female choir and a mixed choir.

08 Apr 2015

The italian online newspaper, La,  published an article focused on Buxtehude complete organ project . Riccardo Bianchi is featured in this article.
Written by Luca Segalla

04 Apr 2015

Italian weekly newspaper with an article focused on Buxtehude complete organ works project with a picture of Andrea Gottardello, Davide Paleari, Nicola Bisotti as organists and Riccardo Bianchi as guest conductor.

Written by Luca Segalla

02 Apr 2015

Italian national weekly newspaper described the music festival dedicated to Dieterich Buxtehude in Varese in a brief article with pictures of the concert.

22 Mar 2015

Italian newspaper pblished an article about the opening night of the “Buxtehude complete organ works” music festival. Riccardo Bianchi is mentioned as a singer and a conductor.

Written by Andrea Camurani

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