Riccardo Bianchi is also supporting a series of different music group, band and choirs.

As a music teacher and a musical director, he assists and engages those brilliant amateur groups so they can flourish with new skills and be more and more competitive.


Please find below some groups Riccardo is working with:



  • KAPPELMEISTER: PARROCCHIA S.M. KOLBE VARESE                                                 Varese, ITALY
    - Coro Giovani CAG (Youth mixed Choir), Musical Director
    - Coro Annamaria (Adult mixed choir), Musical Director


  • CORO CITTÁ DI LUINO/ CORO MONTE PENEGRA                                                     Luino, ITALY
    - Male Folk Choir, Musical Director


  • ISPRA BLUES BAND                                                                                                          Ispra, ITALY
    - Concert Jazz Band, Musical Director


  • CORO FEMMINILE “THELYS”                                                                                        Ternate, ITALY
    - Female vocal ensemble, Musical Director


  • JARDIN MUSICAL School of Music                                                                                 Lugano, SWITZERLAND
    - Choral training professor